Chairperson's Desk

Message from the Chairperson's Desk


Education, it has been rightly said, is the preparation of life. Its prime objective is to equip students with the skills and technical know-how required to make a career in the field of their interest. At NICOL, learning is directed to this goal through theoretical as well as practical approaches. The theoretical concepts fossilize the students' knowledge of the subject matter; whereas the practical refine the insights they have gained through theory.

With this hallmark, NICOL has been able to leave a dent in the educational arena in a short span of time. Without the dedicated faculty, cooperative administrative staff and competent management this would not have been possible; hence it has lived up to its motto "Together We can". I feel proud to be a part of this educational institution and invite you to join us so that we can join hands to make your better tomorrow.


Mr. Sambhu Bahadur KC
Chairperson, NICOL