Mission, Vision and Objectives

Mission: To provide quality thereby instilling a sense of responsibility, love and fraternity in the students.

Vision:  To be the centre of learning for the students who aspire to be globally competitive.

Goal: To address critical societal needs through the progression of higher education, enhancement of teaching- learning, innovation, and service to

         global society.

1. Good governance: To modernise institututional approach to ensure good governance
2. Apply pedagogical principles: To formulate clear and precise learning goals, apply motivational technique and engage students through participatory teaching-learning methodologies
3. Transformation of college to paperless: To utilize cutting edge and comprehensive educational management information system (EMIS)
4. Be excellent in research and innovation: To upgrade in research initiatives, expand research capabilities and develop research-oriented faculties.
5. Academic program: To expand and strengthen the academic program and accomplish a high standard teaching-learning activities.
6. Improving the facilities: To develop infrastructure and facilities to foster quality higher education and maximise student's satisfaction.
7. Inclusive higher education: To enroll and retain diverse students by making enrolment management efficient
8. Career development support: To increase the employability of graduates
9. Social responsibility: To design and implement a need-based extension and outreach program to foster social change.
10. Student support services: To offer high standard student support service to enhance student satisfaction and academic outcomes
11. Collaboration and partnership: To establish meaningful national and international collaboration and partnerships
12. Human resource management: To attract, recruit and retain global talent as faculty members and administrative staffs
13. Public information: To steadfast for openness and transparency and publish and disseminate information in a wide range through multiple media.

Motto: Together We Can

Core values

1. Excellence: Continuously improve processes to eliminate errors, create value, provide better education, and enhance quality.
2. Collegiality and Professionalism: Endeavour for excellence and foster a spirit of collegiality and professionalism
3. Innovation: Search for a better way, adopt new approaches that can change
4. Integrity: The entire college team shows a high standard of academic integrity and moral values
5. Diversity: Practice inclusive, learner-centred, multi-cultured, market based and technological education
6. Leadership: Foster innovative and transformative leadership through evidence-based participatory decision

Themes and Commitments

1.     Research and innovation
2.     Academic program
3.     Infrastructure
4.     Enrolment and retention
5.     Career development
6.     Community development
7.     Student Support Service
8.     Human resource management
9.     Partnership and collaboration
10.  Public information and engagement of stakeholder
11.  Educational Management Information System (EMIS)