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MBS (Master of Business Studies)

MBS is a four semester program that consists of compulsory courses, core courses, specialization courses and a dissertation or a project work. Developing managerial practice is a central concern of the Faculty of Management (FOM), Tribhuvan University.  It lays special emphasis on developing graduates having managerial and entrepreneurial skills over a solid foundation of theories and techniques. Through sixty credit hours program students develop their knowledge and management skills based on the good understanding of the economic, social, political milieu both at the national and global levels. NICOL initiated this program as a two-year annual program in 2014/01/06 and served approximately 150 students. After Tribhuvan University decided a phase out of annual MBS program and introduced semester program in 2017 NICOL has been offering semester-based MBS since 2017 in the morning shift.

The students applying for MBS program must have successfully completed a bachelor degree from TU or from any other university recognized by TU and must have secured minimum of 40 per cent in the CMAT taken by the university.

First SemesterSecond Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Marketing Management (MKT 511)3Busness Environment (MGT 518)3
Managerial Economics (ECO 512)3Financial Management (FIN 510)3
Statistical Methods (MSC 514)3Production and Operations Management (MSC 516)3
Organizational Behavior (MGT 515)3Human Resource Management (MGT 513)3
Managerial Communication (MGT 519)3Management Accountancy (ACC 517)2
Third SemesterFourth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control (ACC 519)3Strategic Management (MGT 523)3
Research Methodology (MSC 521) Specialization Courses (Any Two from Any Group) 
International Business (MGT 522)3Finance Group: 
Entrepreneurship (MGT 524)3Financial Markets and Institutions (FIN 685)3
Specialization Course (Any One from Any Group): International Financial Management (FIN 586)3
Finance Group: Investment Management (FIN 689)3
Financial Derivatives and Market (FIN 687)3Insurance: Theory and Practice (FIN 690)3
Corporate Finance (FIN 688)3Commercial Bank Management: Theory and Practice (FIN 691)3
Accountancy Group: Accountancy Group: 
Corporate Taxation (ACC 685)3Contemporary Auditing (ACC 687)3
Cost Management (ACC 686)3Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting (ACC 688)3
Management Group: Management Control System (ACC 689)3
Recent Trends in Management (MGT 687)3Balance Scorecard: A Tool for Performance Measurement (ACC 690)3
Organizational Theory (MGT 688)3Management Group:3
Marketing Group: Organizaitonal Development and Change (MGT 685) 
Advertising and Promotion Management (MKT 691)3Quality Management (MGT 686)3
Rural Marketing (MKT 692)3Performance Management (MGT 689)3
  Leadership and Communication (MGT 690)3
  Marketing Group: 
  Consumer Behavior (MKT 685)3
  International Marketing (MKT 686)3
  Brand Management (MKT 687)3
  Sales Management (MKT 688)3
  Retail Management (MKT 689)3
  Services Marketing (MKT 690)3

Accountants, Administrative Heads, Business Development Managers, Company Secretaries, Customer Moderators/Counselors, Financial Analysts, HR Officers, Lecturers, Payroll Officers, Sales Executives

BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)

The BBM program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University is an industry based management course that prepares the students to develop critical and analytical skills with in-
depth knowledge about different aspects of business. It nurtures skills like entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills, leadership skills that help the graduates in getting better job opportunities and career development. It is, therefore, designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. The BBM graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self- confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and global business environment. This course has been designed
with the objective of producing middle-level managerial manpower in the sectoral areas.

Program Objectives
The program is designed with the following objectives:

  • Develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication, and gain understanding of operations and change.
  • Develop students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operations in a dynamic business environment.
  • Prepare students for professional life to work as business manager and entrepreneur.

Students applying for admission to the BBM program must have:

  •  Successfully completed twelve-year schooling or its equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with CGPA 1.80 or more / Secured at least second division in the 10+2, PCL or equivalent program; and
  •  Complied with all the application procedure.
First SemesterSecond SemesterThird SemesterFourth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Microeconomics for Business (ECO 203)3Financial Accounting (ACC 201)3Cost and Management Accounting (ACC 202)3Legal Environment for Business in Nepal (MGT 234)3
English I (ENG 201)3Macroeconomics for Business (ECO 204)2Business Communication (ENG 203)3Financial Management (FIN 207)3
Seminar on Contemporary Issues of Mac. Eco. (ECO 205)1
Foundation of Business Management (MGT 231)3English II (ENG 202)3Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 206)3Psychology (PSY 202)3
Business Mathematics I (MTH 201)3Business Mathematics II (MTH 202)3Nepalese History and Politics (SOC 204)3Taxation and Auditing (ACC 204)3
Sociology for Business Management (SOC 203)3Leadership and Organizationa Behavior (MGT 232)2Business Statistics (STT 201)3Business Research Methods (RCH 201)3
Seminar on Lead. and Org. Behavior (MGT 233)1
Fifth SemesterSixth SemesterSeventh SemesterEighth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Fundamentals of Marketing (MKT 201)3Database Management (IT 232)3Elective Course I3Stategic Management (MGT 240)3
Oprations Management (MGT 205)3Business Environment (MGT 236)3Focus Area Course III3Elective Course II3
Financial Markets and Services (FIN 208)3Entrepreneurship and Business Resource Mapping (MGT 237)2Focus Area Course IV3Elective Course III3
IT and Application (IT 231)3Practicum on Business Plan (MGT 238)1E-commerce (IT 204)3Focus Area Course V3
Focus Area Course I3Focus Area Course II3Business Ethics and Corporate Governance (MGT 239)3Project Report Writing/ Internship with Report 6

Advertising Managers, Assistant HR Officers, Business Analysts, Consumer Psychologists, Database Managers, Financial Analysts, Junior Finance Officers, Media Coordinators, Operations Supervisors

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

NICOL initiated 8-semester Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program, affiliated to Tribhuvan University in 2010/10/01 This course aims to prepare students to enter the hospitality industry at the supervisory level in area of hotel and catering operations. NICOL passed outs have occupied significant positions in the hospitality industry inside and out of the nation. As per the criteria set by Tribhuvan University, 84 students join this program every year. The college has served more than 500 students so far since the initiation of the program.

The candidates desiring to take admission to BHM must have completed 10+2 or equivalent examination in any academic stream with a minimum of 45 percent aggregate marks from the Higher Secondary Education Board or any other board recognized by Tribhuvan University. 

First SemesterSecond SemesterThird SemesterFourth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Food Production and Patisserie I (BHM 301)3Food Production and Patisserie II (BHM 302)3Cost and Management Acccountancy (ACC 311)3Front Office Management (BHM 320)3
Food and Beverage Service (BHM 311)3Food and Beverage Service Operation II (BHM 312)3Food Production and Patisserie III (BHM 303)3Food Production Management (BHM 325)3
Housekeeping Operation (BHM 321)3House Keeping Management (BHM 322)3Food and Beverage Service III (BHM 313)3Food and Beverage Management (BHM 326)3
English (ENG 311)3Hotel Accounting (BHM 324)3Front Office Operations I (BHM 319)3Financial Management (FIM 311)3
Principles of Management (MGT 311)3Business Communication (ENG 203)3Food Science and Nutrition (BHM 323)3Human Resources Management (MGT 314)3
Fifth SemesterSixth SemesterSeventh SemesterEighth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Facility Planning and Management (BHM 327)3Industrial Exposure15Industrial Exposure9Legal Environment for Hospitality (BHM 328)3
Hospitality Marketing and Sales (BHM 330)3Entrepreneruship for Hospitality (BHM 329)3
Fundamentals of Tourism (BHM 331)3Project Work3Strategic Management (MGT 312)3
Economics (ECO 311)3Organizational Behavior (MGT 313)3
Management Information System (MIS 311)3Internship Report3Nepalese Society and Politics (SOC 312)3
Statistics (STT 311)3Elective Course (Any One)                                     i. Cultural Resource of                             Tourism in Nepal (BHM 450)              ii. Quality Management (BHM 415)3


Banquet Managers, Cabin Crews, Cooks/Chefs, Event Managers, Food and Beverage Captains/Managers, Front Desk Executives/Hotel Receptionists, Hotel Hostess, Housekeeping Supervisors/Managers, Marketing Representatives, Operation Managers, Restaurant General Managers, Teaching Assistants, Travel Agents

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four-year program run under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. NICOL has been running this program since 2018/09/09 with an objective to produce high quality computer application users and developers. It is an eight semester (four academic years) program. The chief objective of this program is to provide highly qualified professionals by imparting both technical theoretical and practical knowledge in computer system and its application. Tribhuvan University has allocated 35 seats every year in this program. 

Students who have passed PCL or + 2 or equivalent examinations  with minimum 40% marks  or 2 CGPA (not less than D+ in single Subject) are eligible for admission in BCA program of Tribhuvan University.

First SemesterSecond SemesterThird SemesterFourth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
Computer Fundamentals and Applications (CACS 101)4C Programming (CACS 151)4Data Structure and Algorithms (CACS 201)3Operating System (CACS 251)3
Society and Technology (CASO 102)3Financial Accounting (CAAC 152)3Probability and Statistics (CAST 202)3Numerical Methods (CACS 252)3
English I (CAEN 103)3English II (CAEN 153)3System Analysis and Design (CACS 203)3Software Engineering (CACS 253)3
Mathematics I (CAMT 104)3Mathematics II (CAMT 154)3OOP in Java (CACS 204)3Scripting Lannguage (CACS 254)3
Digital Logic (CACS 105)
Microprocessor and Computer Architecture (CACS 155)
Web Technology (CACS 205)
Database Managemenet System (CACS 255)3
Project I (CAPJ 256)2
Fifth SemesterSixth SemesterSeventh SemesterEighth Semester
SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.SubjectsCr. Hr.
MIS and e-Business (CACS 301)3Mobile Programming (CACS 351)3Cyber Law and Professional Ethics (CACS 401)3Operations Research (CAOR 451)3
DotNet Technology (CACS 302)3Distributed System (CACS 352)3Cloud Computing (CACS 402)3Project III6
Computer Networking (CACS 303)3Applied Economics (CAEC 353)3Internship (CAIN 403)3Elective III3
Introduction to Management (CAMG 304)3Advanced Java Programming (CACS 354)3Elective I3Elective IV3
Computer Graphics and Animation (CACS 305)
Network Programming (CACS 355)3 
Project II (CAPJ 356)2
Image Processing (CACS 404)3Geographical Information System (CACS 454)3
Database Administration (CACS 405)3Data Analysis and Visualization (CACS 455)3
Network Administration (CACS 406)3Machine Learning (CACS 456)3
Advanced Dot Net Technology (CACS 408)3Multimedia System (CACS 457)3
E-Governance (CACS 409)3Knowledge Engineering (CACS 458)3
Artificial Intelligence (CACS 410)3Information Security (CACS 459)3
Artificial Intelligence (CACS 410)3Internet of Things (CACS 460)3
  Database Programming (CACS 453)3

App Developers, Database Administrator, Game Designers/Testers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Software Developers, System and Network Administrators, System Engineers, Technical Writers, Web Developers

BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS) is a 4-year annual program, affiliated with Tribhuvan University. This program aims to develop required attitudes, abilities and practical skill in students, which constitute a foundation for their growth into competent and responsible business managers. Nesfield has been running this program in the morning shift since its inception in 2007 AD. It started three-year BBS. In 2070 BS, in lieu with Tribhuvan University’s decision to make BBS a four- year program, this institution is doing accordingly. Since the establishment, NICOL has served approximately 1100 students under this program so far. 

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First YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
Business English (MGT 201)100Business Communication (MGT 205)100Business Law (MGT 204)100Entrepreneurship (MGT 225)100
Business Statistics (MGT 202)100Macroeconomics for Business (MGT 209)100Foundation of Financial System (MGT 226)100Concentration I100
Microeconomics for Business (MGT 207)100Cost and Management Accounting (MGT 212)100Business Environment and Strategy (MGT 217)100Concentration II100
Financial Accounting and Analysis (MGT 211)100Fundamentals of Financial Management (MGT 215)100Fundamentals of Marketing (MGT 214)100Concentration III100
Principles of Management (MGT 213)
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Mgmt. (MGT 223)
Taxation in Nepal (MGT 224)
Business Research Methods (MGT 221)50
Final Project (MGT 401)50

Administrative Assistants, Assistant Accountants, Customer Service Representatives, Cashiers, Document Officers, Front-Desk Officers, Logistics Managers, Marketing Assistants, Procurement Officers, Sales Officers, Storekeepers

BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Along with BBS, BA is the program that was introduced since its inception in 2007 AD, in the morning shift. It too commenced as a three-year program and later converted into four-year program in lieu with Tribhuvan University’s decision in the academic year 2076/077. Since its inception, approximately 700 students have been benefitted from this program

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First YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
Compulsory EnglishCompulsory NepaliCompulsory EnglishCompulsory Nepali Studies
Social Work Group: Introduction to Social Wrok Basic Sociology for social WorkSocial Work Group: Basic Psychology for Social Work Social Case Wrok Practice Social Practice with GroupsSocial Work Group: Social Issues and Leadership Development Electic CourseSocial Work Group: Theoretical Ideology of Social Work Social Problem Identification and Interventions
Psychology Group: Introduction to Psychology Social PsychologyPsychology Group: Adolescence and Juvelile Delinquency Abnormal PsychologyPsychology Group: Psychological Counseling Elective CoursePsychology Group: Industrial Organizational Psychology Research Methods and Academic Writing
Major English Group: Reading, Writing and Thinking History of Literature and Critical TraditionMajor English Group: Literature from Early Modern to Modern Period Romantic and Victorian LeteratureMajor English Group: Modern and Postmodern Literature Professional Communication (Elective)Major English Group: Researching and Writing World Literature in English

Coordinator of Volunteers, Field based Program Managers, Field Project Officers, Fundraiser Officers, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Advisors, Program Coordinators, Program Supervisors, Research Assistants, Youth Program Officers

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