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Student Council

Student Council (SC) is a team of students which is formulated with the objective of helping college management to operationalize academic activities on a regular basis. Nesfield International College has organized the SC practice from its starting days. Moreover, SC works with the notion of Student Quality Circle; motivates students and make them aware of various dimensions of quality enhancement of the college, proactively identifies the problem and works to solve by adopting participatory approach, and devote their effort voluntarily.

Message from SC President

Dear friends,
Welcome to Nesfield International College.
Student council of Nesfield comprises 20 members altogether from all streams and programs. It is inclusive in terms of race, gender, territory, ethnicity, age, and the like. College organizes all the co- curricular and extra-curricular activities with broad involvement of the members of the student council. It has been a great platform for us students to enhance our academics along with real life experience. I appeal you to be supportive in making overall scholastic environment of the college fruitful for ourselves, parents, and the society in whole.

Bibek Timalsina


Student Council Members


  • To develop team working skill among student.

  •  To proactively identify the problem and develop problem-solving skills by applying various problem-solving methods to find a solution to the problem.

  •  To make students aware about quality dimensions and quality enhancement.

  • To help management in operationalize the academic and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


Activities of Student Council

  • Propose and organize team skill building trainings
  • Ensure that the students equally participate in all activities of the college
  • Help college management in identifying problems that may hinder overall quality of the college
  • Help college management in developing solution to the problem in line with safeguarding the academic interest of the students
  • Organize programs to make students aware about quality, its parameter and the importance of quality to the students
  • Participate in strengthening quality parameters of the college
  • Play bridging role between students and management
  • Help management to execute its academic calendar so that all the academic and co-curricular and extra-curricular plans go on a right track.
  • Offer counseling services to newly enrolled students and prospective students who want to enroll in the college.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities of president:
  • Chair over all student council meetings.
  • Know basics of meeting procedures to ensure smooth meetings.
  • Representing and communicating students’ voice with college administration.
  • Building harmonious relationship with students, staffs, faculties and college administration.
  • Coordinate the work of the council through other members and committees.
  • Sharing the ideas on behalf of the council to the principal regarding college welfare.
  • Identify the students’ needs and requirements and communicate to the college administration
  • Coordinate the college for the development and organization of ECA program and other plans.
  • Speak at local events or meetings when required.
  • To develop and convey student council’s plans and policies for the betterment of students and college.
Duties & Responsibilities of vice president:
  • Coordinating and cooperating the president.
  • Leading and supporting other members of the council.
  • Work closely with the president.
  • Assume the president’s duties, if necessary .
  • Coordinate the work of the committees and chair an important committee.
  • Work with the president and treasurer in preparation of budget and calendar.
  • Assist the president in preparation of meeting agendas.
  • Bridging the gap between the president and students.

Student Council Events